Our Mission

Quality health care is a vital necessity for every child and adult. The Maliheh Free Clinic seeks to improve the quality of life in the Greater Salt Lake Area by providing free medical services for uninsured individuals and low income families.

Because medical insurance and medical care is very expensive, many Utahns lack insurance coverage and do not receive the medical care they need.  The Maliheh Free Clinic endeavors, within its capacity, to serve the medical care needs of low-income individuals in our community who have no other options. No charges are assessed for services provided by the Maliheh Clinic.

Benefit to the Community

Maliheh Free Clinic serves the uninsured and underinsured in our community. If sick individuals are unable to work, their income is affected, making them unable to support their families. Often times they will “push through” an illness until their symptoms are so profound they require expensive emergency room treatment and occasionally these untreated problems become life threatening. Many may feel compelled to attend work or school while suffering from infectious disease which spreads their illness throughout the community. By providing quality healthcare, the Maliheh Free Clinic reverses the cycle of poverty and suffering created by poor health.

How is the Maliheh Free Clinic Financed?

The Semnani Foundation provided initial financing for the Maliheh Free Clinic and continues to support its activities. In addition many companies and individuals have come forward to offer their services. We are grateful for their support.

How Can I Support the Maliheh Free Clinic?

Donations from the community account for a large portion of the money that keeps the Maliheh Free Clinic operating. Every donation helps us better serve those in need. Please donate today!

Whether it is money, volunteering, in-kind donations, your support of the Maliheh Free Clinic has allowed us to serve more than 65,000 patient visits since inception. Your support is what makes quality health care affordable and accessible.

Who is Maliheh?

The Maliheh Free Clinic was named in honor of Maliheh Abdollahi “Modar joon”, grandmother of Mr. Khosrow B. Semnani, the benefactor of the Maliheh Free Clinic. Maliheh selflessly gave of herself to others so that their burdens might be lighter, their visions longer, and their dreams could be fulfilled. The Maliheh Free Clinic stands as a tribute to her. Through its service to the community, the memory of her kind and charitable spirit lives on.

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