What Type of Services Does the Maliheh Free Clinic Offer?

The Maliheh Free Clinic offers a wide range of medical services however its primary focus is routine health maintenance and preventative care. Patients needing additional consultation may be referred to a large selection of specialists within our volunteer physician pool.

Who Provides the Clinic's Services?

Jeanie Ashby is the full time Executive Director of the clinic. She is joined by Dr. Ayesha Khan, a family practice physician, who is our Medical Director.  Together they are committed to serving the needs of the low-income and uninsured individuals and families in the Greater Salt Lake Area.

In addition, hundreds of doctors, dentists, nurses and other professionals, including interpreters, social workers, and other volunteers are contributing their time and talents free of charge to the clinic.

Our Volunteers

  • We offer numerous volunteer opportunities for undergraduate students. Depending on their specific abilities and backgrounds, they may be asked to help triage patients, work in our Patient Assistance Program to obtain needed prescriptions for patients or help in our office. There are also a number of other projects that students work on throughout the clinic in order to improve patient care.
  • We are always looking for trained medical professionals who are willing to donate their time and expertise in our clinic. Although primary care is our main focus, specialty care is also a very important part of the clinic and greatly enhances the level of care that we are able to provide to our patients. If you are either a primary care practitioner or a specialty care physician, we would love to meet you and figure out the most effective way to utilize your services.
  • Students are also an important part of our clinic and provide a much needed service. We accept students that are currently enrolled in both undergraduate and graduate nursing programs, physician assistant programs, as well as medical students. Our physicians enjoy working with students who have a desire to serve those in need.
  • The community at large is invaluable to Maliheh Free Clinic. Whether it is providing administrative support, helping as a translator, reading to children while they are waiting for a doctor, providing minor building repairs such as replacing burned out light bulbs, we always have the need for volunteers. If you feel you could help in some small way, please contact us.

Who is Eligible for Clinic Services?

The clinic is intended to serve both children and adults in families who do not have health insurance and are not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid. In addition, their household income must be below the 150 percentile in poverty, as listed in the federal poverty guidelines.

By appointment only.

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